Structural Investigation

10-Metre Bored Pile Concrete Core Test

Project Reference 10-Metre Bored Pile Concrete Core Test The Challenge There was suspected non-compliance in terms of bored pile concrete integrity, the bored pile for future construction of highway needs to be inspected and tested to assess its compressive strength. Four 10-metre length samples were required. Our Approach & Result Coring at such depth requires …

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Kuala Krai Highway Scanning

Project Reference Kuala Krai Highway Scanning Structural Analysis with S-Ray Scan for Highway Structure Kuala Krai – Kota Bharu Expressway is a state-owned expressway in Kelantan. As this development project spans over some old infrastructures, some as-built drawings were not available to our client. Fearing that the project may have negative implications, we are asked …

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