Concrete scanning
gpr engineer


• Opportunities to receive 3 months training in Canada
• To articulate and present benefits of scanning and manage the expectations from the clients
• To control the GPR Scanner machine with the right expertise.
• To identify, locate and evaluate the findings of rebar, piping and others object.
• To generate the report with the proper format after site progression.
• To study and understand the data of the report for GPR Scanning.
• To prepare reports and document for presentation with clients.
• To establish and maintain long-term customer relationships with strategically important customers
• To study construction drawings, specifications and contract need for scanning requirements.
• To liaise with consultants, client & main / sub-contractors where necessary and coordinate for
scanning briefing at site.
• To develop and maintain relationships with clients and interact with them frequently.
• To provide monthly updates & reports to Directors after site progress.
• To maintain proper record of Customer’s data
• To present and promote to potential prospects and customers
Any other duties as assigned by the Directors.

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High Growth Industry

Safe Working Environment

Training Opportunity in Canada

Sonicon has developed and introduced S-Ray Concrete Scanning Technology for high accuracy result in concrete imaging. You will be trained to be capable in detecting objects within concrete such as steel reinforcements, post-tension (P.T) cable, electrical conduits, plastic & metallic pipes and others.  


Structural Integrity Analysis - NDT

Certain existing buildings do not have AS Built Drawings, Sonicon has conducted S-Ray Concrete Scan to determine reinforcement pattern, cover, spacing and diameter. Combining with core test, a comprehensive report has been generated to assist consultants to make decision based on accurate data.



Precision Coring and Drilling

Sonicon has saved clients from incurring catastrophe in numerous occasions by detecting Post Tension cables and important utilities within concrete before doing Diamond Coring or Drilling. Our GPR Engineer has consulted clients on the recommended area to core to avoid unnecessary repair or damage.