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Demolition of Collapsed Structure

Controlled Demolition Works for Collapse Transfer Slab

Few years ago, there was an unfortunate event that has happened in 8 Kia Peng in KL city area. More information on the event can be found in this article.

Due to the risk of the job, Main Contractor has engaged us for our service in removing the hanging beam, demolish concrete spillage (approx near to 200m3) and remove all the steel bars without damaging the existing tendon.

Removing the hanging beam is the real challenge as it has no support from the other column, and it is already slanting inward. From the photo, the middle portion of hanging has no support from props.

All steels bar are being cut carefully and hoist down portion by portion, whereas the hanging beam has to be removed in a step by step manner. The hanging beam could not afford to withstand any extra vibration, thus diamond cutting, which is non-vibration would be the ideal way to cut it down.

Concrete spillage was at Grade 50-60, our hacking specialists use air breaker to demolish.

Due to location surrounded by high rise commercial and residential building, work has to be stopped at 7pm and Sunday work is not allowed, 35 days were taken to complete the project. During the process, there are no injuries as all safety precaution steps were taken.

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