Factory Slab Removal

As part of our recent project at one of factory in Malaysia, it was found that under the slab has mercury contents which is hazardous for human health. If by normal hacking, mercury might vaporize and effect the village surrounding it. It will also flow to different directions, making it harder to be cleared off. 

In order to contain and remove the mercury safely, Diamond Cutting method was proposed to be used to remove the slab with approximately 350mm to 800mm depths.

As per requisites mentioned by our clients, the project was quite risky. Therefore, Tyvek Suits and Mask Respirator were required during the whole project operation. This is to prevent the risk to mercury exposure.

After the floor was safely removed, the rest of the project was smooth sailing. This was the first time we’ve ever done a cutting job that has mercury inside, and it was certainly an experience.