Honda HICOM Melaka

We have done lots of projects that required us to work in a tight work schedule.
Honda HICOM Melaka was one of them. We were assigned to make 26 openings with only 2 days completion.

Limited number of working hours was not an excuses for us to can’t complete the project on time. In fact, our operators managed to complete the work within 48 hours without overcut the remaining coring area.

This project was not easy as our operators need to work even after midnight just to make sure the work is done within the time frame. 

We also brought our equipment valued over RM800,000 worth of cutting equipment only for this project. 

The Diamond Cutting works include:

  • 1m x 1m x 300mm depths for 24 units
  • 1m x 3.5m x 300mm depths for 1 unit
  • 7m x 5m x300 depths for 1 unit