Project Reference

Inverted Cutting at LRT Depot

The Challenge

There was land settlement happened at the depot that caused the slab to “sink”. Therefore, the slab needs to be isolated to be proceeded with further investigation towards the foundation.

The biggest challenge of the job is the thickness of the ground slab which is up to 1.2 metre depth, and we can only work from upper side of the slab (soil is at the bottom).

Our Approach

For this cutting job, it can be done in several methods:

  1. Stich Core: Slow and Expensive
  2. Diamond Blades: Due to the thickness, a minimum size of 3m has to be used, but this size is not available in any part of the world

As a cutting specialist, Sonicon has developed a technology known as Diamond Wire Inverted Sawing, which has proven to be the most practical and efficient cutting method to cut at such depth on ground slab. The slab was safely isolated and ready to be inspected.

Professional Advice