Sonicon Robotic Demolition

Being the most dynamic Controlled Demolition Contractor in Malaysia, Sonicon is always at the forefront in using the latest technology in executing demolition jobs in the most productive and cost effective manner. 

Sonicon High Powered Compact Demolition Robot for Tight Confined and Restricted Areas is the first and only one in the country. We are able to assess these areas where no other automated demolition robots can operate. It can enter through single-leaf door, sits in elevator / lift (1 ton weight), climb stairs, or being hoist easily with cranes and chain blocks.  

With Sonicon Demolition Robot, hacking and breaking has sped up by 20x compare to manual labour hacking, and controlled remotely by 2 Sonicon Specialist. The massive increase in productivity has led to major savings for our clients and reduce project timeline.

Sonicon combines Diamond Wire Saw, Wall Saw and Floor Saw together with Robotic Demolition to boost productivity, save cost and preserve integrity of existing structures.

Highly cost effective & productive

Suitable for tight, confined and restricted areas

Safe for high risk areas where health and safety are compromised (Extreme radiation, heat, height)

Combustion free, environmental & ergonomic compliance

Versatile for different project requirements with multiple robot attachments


Indoor Structure Removal

Sonicon Demolition Robot has been deployed to demolish internal structures such as Tower Crane base, Diaphragm Wall, Slabs and others where only human can access. Even with floor level height of 9 feet / 2.7m, we have demolished Tower Crane base within 7 days.



Refurbishment, Reinstatement & Rectification

Sonicon has the Most High Powered Compact Demolition Robot in Malaysia ( 1-ton weight ) that is accessible to Shopping Malls, Commercial Buildings and Residential Houses. Sonicon has completed  reinstatement works using Demolition Robot for shopping malls which have lead to major saving in Project Timeline.




Sonicon Demolition Robot has the perfect combination of power, operability and accessibility to make the preferred choice for rail, subway tunnel and utility tunnel projects. It’s high power and zero combustion are perfect for demanding tunnelling work.



SONICON DIAMOND Robotic Demolition

Planning to remove failed concrete while retaining rebar condition? Checkout our...

Sonicon Hydro Demolition

A controlled demolition technique to remove concrete, asphalt, paint and other hard substances using ultra-high-pressure water jet.