Project Reference

Sunway Pyramid Extension Bridge Demolition

The Challenge

The link bridge that connects Sunway Pyramid Shopping Center and Sunway Hotel was closed for major demolition works for the new extension of the shopping center. Sonicon was contracted with works involved of removing roof slab, parapet wall and staircase cutting of more than 350mm concrete depth.

Eventhough the link bridge is closed, but the hotel next door was still operating. Therefore, our job must be completed as efficient as possible with minimal impact on the guest experience. Plus, the working hour were limited until 6pm only!

Our Approach & Result

As controlled demolition specialist, we deployed our non-vibration equipment to the sites. We mobilised our latest floor cutting technology to cut the 600m2 slabs and used wall cutting machine to removed parapet wall, beam and staircase. With the right equipment, job productivity can increase and saved our client’s time of more than 25%. Works were done much faster and more efficient while preserving other building structures. Within only a few weeks, demolition works were completed and client ready to install the new extension bridge. 

Professional Advice