Why Diamond Cutting is Ideal to Cut Slab for Goodshoist/Passenger Lift

As storage space has become limited to shoplots, more business owners are considering installing a goodshoist to expand their storage spaces to upper levels. However, business will still go on during the installation, how can we do the installation without affecting the business operations?

Diamond Slab Cutting is a much efficient method where diamond blades are used to cut concrete slabs with reinforcement. Different sizes and types of the blades were used depending on the scope of the work. Other than it is fast and precise, it is also a quieter method (10 to 20 dB lesser than hacking).


Diamond Sawing used to cut concrete slab
Figure shows goodshoist opening an hardware shop

Cutting an opening for goodshoist is one of the applications. Usually in a multi storey building, an opening through concrete slab is required to connect the upper and lower floor. If conventional hacking method takes few days to complete, Diamond cutting method can be completed in a matter of hours. This is important since shorter timeframe helps to reduce business downtime. Thus, saving overall costs.


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