To Deliver the Fastest Speed

Sonicon Diamond Floor Saw

Highly cost-effective and productive technology to cut Concrete Slab up to a 600mm thick with no vibration and minimal dust.

Sonicon Diamond Wall Saw

Make perfect straight & linear deep cuts on Concrete Wall, Slab and Soffit. Suitable for cutting through heavy reinforcement bars.

Sonicon Diamond Wire Saw

Has virtually no limitations of cutting depth against heavy reinforcement structure with high compressive strength.

Sonicon Robotic Demolition

High Powered Compact Demolition Robot for Tight Confined and Restricted Areas with superb productivity in hacking and breaking.

Xradar™ Concrete Scanning

“See” through concrete structures to determine precise location of different objects for precision drilling and structural integrity analysis

Sonicon Hydro Demolition

40,000psi / 2700 bar Ultra High Pressure to break concrete with zero micro crack and retain the integrity of reinforcement

Sonicon Diamond Coring

Efficient drilling technology to make M&E Openings and core test. Coring capacity ranges from 16mm diameter right up to 600mm diameter and up to a depth of 16 metres.

Parana Milling & Surface Preparation

Remove concrete substrate up to 60mm thk and form uniform and consistent profile for topping off concrete, rectify slab undulation, removing over-cast concrete and many more.