Project Reference

800 Ton Sinking Portal Beam Removal

The Challenge

Due to propping failure, a highway portal beam has “sunk”. This major structure weight more than 800 Ton at a height of 50 metre (height approx. equivalent to 15 storey building)!

Our Approach

The structure size is 2.5m H x 2.5m W, Diamond Wire Sawing definitely the best method to slice through the concrete. The biggest challenge was the post tension cable has yet to be grouted, therefore causing lots of internal movements during the cutting process. We have to use a different type of diamond wire to cut through the tendons efficiently.

Safety was a big concern as there are surrounding traffic around the working area. Each piece of beam is cut into 200 ton per piece, using the suitable size mobile cranes to hoist it down to ground level.

Professional Advice