What is Surface Preparation?

What is Surface Preparation?

Surface Preparation is an engineered process applying the RIGHT equipment with the RIGHT and APPROPRIATE TOOLS designed to treat, clean and correct the existing surfaces of concrete and steel substrates by removing contaminants, loose particles, weak surface and to ensure a correct profile and sound surface is created to ascertain the best bond and adhesion to subsequent toppings or floor systems. 

"95% of Floor system Failures are the result of poor surface and substrate preparation"

Why is Surface Preparation Important?

  • It ensures solid foundation with optimum bonding created for subsequent floor system and topping ensuring success
  • It eradicates and minimizes maintenance and rectification cost
  • Right methodical and technical approach to surface preparation equates to huge cost saving in material and labour productivity

There is no one single machine and tool that can resolve all Surface Preparation needs, requirement and challenges. There are specific surface preparation equipment with the right configuration of tools that are designed to give the right CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) to certain specific types of flooring system or topping. 

However, sometimes site conditions can vary and such Substrate Condition suited for the application of a specific type of flooring system must be investigated, audited and inspected prior to the application of the right surface preparation equipment and tools to tailor suit the needs and CSP of the specific flooring system. 

The Range of Surface Preparation equipment are categorized as below: 

What is the Application of Surface Preparation?

  • Surface Prep for Concrete & Screed Laying
  • Removal of Concrete & Concrete Profiling
  • Removal of Tiles & Screeds
  • Removal of Epoxy Mortar
  • Removal of Thin Coatings
  • Surface Prep for Floor Coating Systems & MMA Flooring Systems
  • Profiling of Anti Slip Finishes
  • Repair of Undulating Surfaces such as Car Parks
  • There are many more applications for Surface Preparation Technology

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