Concrete Scanning: Identifying Post-Tension Cables

Coring, cutting or drilling can often be dangerous work onsite. Any item could be hidden beneath the concrete. Without accurate information about what is embedded in the concrete structure, the work could potentially increase in danger.

Lines marked RED are the post tension cables.

Lines marked RED are the post tension cables.

Dangers surroundings Post-Tension Cables

One of the prime targets for S-Ray scanning is Post Tension Cable. Post Tensioning (PT) is a method of strengthening to allow more span lengths between support columns.

Hitting post-tension cable can cause building structure failure severe. Even if you escape injury, repairing broken cables and sprawled concrete can cost huge monetary loses and delay of work. To scan 1-point area takes around 15 minutes which can save you not only time, but to save huge repairing cost and even save lives!

Concrete scanning provides a real-time result of concrete structures to improve efficiency and productivity onsite. This way, scanning information result helps engineers and contractors to ‘see through’ concrete and knows what to avoid before they cut the slabs or walls.

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