HydroDemolition: Removing Concrete without Damaging Rebars

In a construction project, rectification might be required to resolve concrete structural issues, a sensible solution is to rectify only the defective part while retaining the integrity of the structure.


Rebar remain undamaged with HydroDemolition



Conventional hacking of defective concrete might cause micro-cracks to existing structure, damaging reinforcement and hacking can only be effective up to the cover of the concrete. What if you are dealing with a structure with heavy reinforcements? The best way to remove the concrete without affecting rebar and causing micro crack is using Hydrodemolition method.


“Hydro” is the ancient Greek word for “Water”. Combining with the word “Demolition”, it uses water to execute demolition activities. For it to be effective, it must have ultra-high pressure water to hack off solid concrete. With ultra-high pressure of 30,000psi, HydroDemolition is 30x more powerful than a standard carwash waterjet (carwash 1000psi).


The biggest advantage of using water is it can sip through reinforcements to “hack off” concrete below cover, allowing deeper hacking possible without cutting off / damaging any important rebar, therefore maintaining structure integrity. Jobs can be carried out more efficiently and completed faster with less manpower.


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