Project Reference

IOI Mall Scanning

The Challenge

Client wanted to do a 5m x 5m opening at a shopping mall in Selangor to install the new AHU system. What happened was client has overlooked the process of detecting post tension before proceeding with the opening job, which caused them to damage post tension cable during the work.

Our Approach & Result

To avoid hitting more post tensions, they hired Sonicon to scan the area. Sonicon GPR Engineer used S-Ray GPR technology to scan and marked the location of the PT Cables. It is a fast and effective NDT (non-destructive testing) method to locate PT Cables and other structural elements in concrete. After scanned, few areas have been marked to represent the PT locations. To support the findings, we have generated a report to client, allowing them to use the findings to plan the new location to equip their new system.

Professional Advice