Project Reference

Wisma Shell 3D Scan

The Challenge

When looking to perform safe, efficient, and successful core drilling, concrete scanning and concrete coring teams work closely together. Recently, client contacted Sonicon for a scanning job at Wisma Shell in Cyberjaya. The idea is to install new piping system at level 3.

If blindly core at the proposed area without knowing any danger elements lies in the concrete, chances are; they might hit PT cables, rebar or any structural elements that can cause not only failure, but danger to the operations. Therefore, precaution step is vital before starting any drilling, coring or cutting job. 

Our Approach & Result

For this project, 3D scan is the best method to detect rebar beneath the concrete. Our scanning engineer efficiently mark out the rebars in the slab for the new proposed locations of the holes. In fact, the scanning job was done much faster than client expected. At the end, holes were successfully cored and hit ZERO rebar.

Professional Advice