Project Reference

MNM Ampang

The Challenge

Due to poor foundation, a major settlement has occurred and warehouse structure starts cracking and going to fall! To ensure the safety of the neighborhood, 40 metres length of 600mm thick wall needs to remove to reduce the excessive load before all repair commenced. Many concerns need to be tackled as the project area was surrounded by residence houses and right beside the main sewerage system of the area.

Our Approach

As safety and noise control are the utmost concerned to the project, hacking is not a feasible method as debris might hit the houses or clog the sewerage system. The right methodology will lead to a more productive, efficient and safer works. With the capability to cut at any concrete depth with no vibration, Sonicon Diamond Wire Saw was deployed for the job as this method has kept surrounding structures intact and maintaining its integrity, preventing the cracked structure to break even further. On top of that, this method produced minimal noise which otherwise will affect the residences.

Professional Advice