Project Reference

Improving Tunneling Works’ safety and productivity with Demolition Robot

The Challenge

With their compact size, Demolition Robot can perform tremendously well especially for tunneling industry. A new passageway was created to the existing Smart Tunnel, the limestone and rocks has to be cleared during this process.

In tunneling works, working access is generally tight and confined, a standard excavator or backhoe could not access the area. The “arm” is less flexible therefore it is not able to swing left and right in such working condition. Air ventilation in tunnel is poor too, the combustion from the excavators will be harmful to the operators and workers.

Our Approach & Result

Sonicon Demolition robots has solved all these issues, it increases safety with no combustion and improve quality of work. 2 Demolition Robots were deployed to hack 900mm diameter bored piles and almost 400m3 of rocks & limestones. Our High-Powered Demolition Robot has improved the productivity of the work and all limestones are piles were cleared away.

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